Skyrocket your skills in real estate investing.
Let's work together in making you financially free and conquering your own limits.



Skyrocket your skills in real estate investing.
Let's work together in making you financially free and conquering your own limits.

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Let's start with some simple questions:

Are you in Sales and keep getting average results?
Are you a manager and find yourself saying, "Why aren't we producing more?"
Are you and your team trained on the latest sales tactics and scripts but still not getting great results?

If either of these describe you, then you are in the right place!

Change your Life Forever!

As A Successful Entrepreneur Of 23 Years, Alfonso Cuadra Brings A Lot Of His Life Experiences To His Speaking.

He Has The Experience, Talent And Versatility To Work With You To Tailor Your Presentation To The Exact Needs Of Your Audience.

He Is Passionate About Sharing His Story And Inspiring Others To Create The Life They Want. He Is Truly In The Business Of Changing Lives And Has A Special Gift In His Ability To Connect With People And Move Them Forward.

Alfonso Offers His Expertise Through Keynotes And Workshops Along With Personal And Business Coaching.

The Godfather of Real Estate Investing


CEO, Cuadra Group of Companies
CEO, Wealth Genius Inc.
Award Winning, International Speaker
Visionary, Entrepreneur
Best Selling Author

Alfonso Cuadra Is The Master Of Showing Managers And Sales Teams How To Soar Their Results By Teaching Them How To Go Deeper Than Standard Sales Tactics, Scripts And Processes.

His Revolutionary Insights Into How To Connect With Purpose And Give Real Value To Prospects Will Have Your Team Increasing Their Close Rates In Record Time.

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The SECRET is Out!

How we transformed thousands of lives is
right within your reach!

Multifamily properties represent the greatest investment potential for real estate market players.

This easily scalable model promises steady cash flow, tax benefits, and is easier to finance than other investment alternatives.

This is exactly why skilled investors pursue opportunities in multifamily real estate.

To succeed as a high-impact multifamily real estate investor, you need to identify key market opportunities, apply keen investment strategies, secure financing, and negotiate with the confidence of a tycoon.



Here are some of the important keypoints you will be taking home to kickstart your journey!

Understand the power of Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Multifamily Real Estate investing is a low risk option for investors that provides tax benefits, greater cash flow, and more.

We begin by exploring the full power of multifamily real estate and the opportunities it presents for you.

Why now is the best time to invest in multifamily

An influx of talent, trends towards renting over buying, and a steady market even when faced with economic downturns means that now is an excellent time to invest in multifamily properties.

How to examine the present market and identify profitable multifamily opportunities

Being able to read the market is a vital skill that all real estate investors must perfect. Here, we’ll discuss tips and strategies to accurately identify opportunities that are low risk and profitable.

How to use other people's money (OPM) in order to create and broker real estate deals

Higher market entry costs and ongoing expense is a characteristic of multifamily properties. Most investors rely on multiple forms of financing using other people’s money, such as seller financing, subject to existing financing, private money, and more.

How to define and identify Value Add Multifamily (BRRRR) opportunities

Buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat – this proven strategic framework allows you to build your portfolio quickly with as few expenses as possible. However, this strategy is complex, particularly at the refinancing stage, and it’s important to understand how to properly define and identify the best opportunities.

Learn the fundamentals of underwriting multifamily properties

Successful underwriting involves gathering data about a property, making key assumptions about how it will perform, creating a projected cash flow, and assigning a valuation. It’s an art form that you must understand to succeed as a multifamily investor.

How to raise millions of dollars for your deals

The act of raising enough money to finance your deals is a vital part of the multifamily investment process. We discuss proven approaches to cultivate your network and pitch your offer in a way that entices people to invest.

How to negotiate hundreds and even millions of dollars off the asking price

Expert negotiation comes from an in-depth understanding of properties and market trends. By underwriting the property thoroughly, you will be able to identify the potential – and the risks involved. This knowledge will provide you with leverage that you can use to lower the asking price.

How to capitalize on rising interest rates

Rising interest rates, which threaten other property investment types, can benefit multifamily investors. Not only does a strong labour market ensure a healthy market but many renters are being priced out of the buying market, further contributing to this demand. We’ll discuss the opportunities for capitalizing on rising interest rates for multifamily investors.

How to develop and buy new-build apartment buildings

With older buildings, there’s always a certain amount of risk that unforeseen problems will arise. As a general rule, new builds mean fewer headaches – which makes them prime opportunities for development and purchase. To round off the bootcamp, we’ll discuss your options in this space.

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Kim Barnwell
Kim BarnwellConcrous Creation - Professional Coach
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"Inspiring - From his own experience! Alfonso speaks from his heart, is an example and demonstration of what he teaches."
Lucille Bouthillier
Lucille BouthillierMelaleuga - Marketing Executive
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"Energenitc, honest, entertaining, credible, easy to comprehend."
Tracy Turmel
Tracy TurmelLegal Assistant
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"Amazing speaker, powerful, positive and inspirational energy!"
Penny Lee Prevost
Penny Lee PrevostHi Trio - Senior Facilitator
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"Alfonso is a very dynamic speaker!"
Michael Verstacy
Michael VerstacyManager
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"Very well spoken, amazing story, excellent content and recommendations. Inspirational!"